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Sunday, August 16, 2009

New: Send Us Your Stories by SMS

Now there are two ways for you to send us your stories of harassment. Email us at svaw.aims@gmail.com or submit a story via text message (SMS) to 726-8844. Break the silence and help us ensure all women and girls are treated with respect by speaking out about this important issue.


  1. Hello I'm happy that you people take such an initiative...I was wondering if someday people will take into consideration what a girl or woman may face when walking on the street. My experience was horrible...It was at port-louis (la gare victoria)A friend and I got out of the school bus and were walking when a man out of no where appeared in front of us with his penis in his hand...We really didn't know what to do...My friend just held my hand and told me to run...That's what we did. Fortunately he didn't follow us...I know that I'm not the only one and I am tired of having all sorts of comments form guys on the street...As if they do not have any respect for women!!! Hope it'll change with your campaign. Thank you

  2. I agree, its a good initiative, but i still wonder how is it going to work to prevent these acts?

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