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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Case #6

One day I was walking down the street when a cyclist came near my side pinch my boobs and then cycled away. I was stunned and continued to watch the cyclist riding away. It took me time to realise what really did happen. While riding away the cyclist showed me the middle finger and said in a vulgar way that he would have his way with me. He started to insult me because I was looking at him right in his eyes. I wanted to memorise his face before he was gone. At the next junction he was out of sight. A little further I ran to the passerby and asked if they had seen a man of fair complexion with a barb in blue jacket on his cycle. The ‘passerby’ actually said it was his friend and asked me why I wanted to know. I said he was riding in front of me and a five hundred note fell off his jackets. I asked for his name and address which he gave.

I ran home and phone the police. I told them what happened and even told them that the man would be back in half an hour for his prayer. The policeman told me that I must know the exact place where he lives, to go back in half an hour to see if the man was really there for his prayer and then to phone them again and then only they would talk to him.

I did not go back to the place where he would be praying, firstly because I was not allowed to and secondly because all would result in my humiliation while he would have only a few talk from the policeman.

Pseudonym: Priya, 29yrs old.

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